Monday, Monday

It’s the last Monday of the school year! Yes!!

I’m trying to eat light and healthy to detox from an indulgent weekend. The weekend itself wasn’t that bad–we savored a lot of delicious treats from awesome restaurants in Lewes–but Sunday was tough. Once I open up the carbs-door, sometimes I just can’t stop. I didn’t really enjoy anything I ate either–it was a bit manic, which I’m upset about because I thought I was “over” that. I felt so steady and peaceful eating on the cleanse, so I am pumped that John and I are going to do our own cleanse in June through a program at his gym. We are meeting for dinner later to chat about it, so I’ll post more details then…

Breakfast was healthy and inspired by the Green Monster Movement.

-a few handfuls of spinach
-3/4 cup of Soy Milk
-1 banana
-a smattering of blackberries
-flax oil
-Chia seeds
-Amazing Grass Wheat Grass
Mmmm! I never thought I’d like this stuff!!
Yes, it looks like sludge but it tastes awesome!
I obviously still need to work on my blogging skills, but I’m getting there.
It’s the last Monday of the school year! Yes!!
I don’t have the superfancy glasses and set-ups like other bloggers. I just throw my GM into my WHYY thermos and get off to school. I’m sure the kids are wondering what I’m throwing back as I proctor the library in the morning. Shhhh!!!!
and lots of water today. I need to get rid of that icky, post-too-many-carbs feeling. Ugh.
Back to grading. Not much time left!!

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1 Response to Monday, Monday

  1. Christian says:

    I will try this drink! Ich find die Idee mit dem Blog genial und werde ihn gespannt verfolgen! Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!

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