Back on Track

So, I overdid it this weekend, and while I definitely don’t try to punish myself by denying food, I needed a light day full of veggies and healthy choices. I learned something interesting about myself this weekend; my body cannot really take high-fat, high-sugar stuff. John and I ate a delicious pastry from the Lewes Bake Shoppe and almost immediately my body felt heavier and duller. I needed to wash that puppy out with a huge salad for lunch. On Sunday, I managed to force a lot of garbage carbs in–the carb monster just took over! I was working in my office, planning stuff for the last week of the school year, and wanted something to chew–and then more and more and more! I don’t really like the taste of those garbage carbs or the way they make me feel. I think there is definitely room in a healthy diet for all kinds of foods and food groups, but crappy candy and old pretzels don’t belong in my life.

Normally, I have a morning snack and probably even an afternoon snack, but today I took it easy.

I had a delicious lunch made from the school’s salad bar.

Recipe: spring mix, grilled chicken, tomatoes, peppers, beans and a sprinkling each of craisins, sunflower seeds, parmesan and hard boiled egg. I try not to overdo it with the toppings, but I like the variety of tastes and textures.

I also had a huge plate of veggies: steamed broccoli and a roasted veggie mix. The lunch ladies know I love my veggies–but even I couldn’t eat all of these.

Around 4PM I enjoyed a small skim Chai from the coffee shop. I had  headache. Perhaps my body was detoxing from the weekend, and I needed some dairy. You can see OhSheGlows on my iPhone! Love that blog!

It’s always nice to have a delicious drink while grading. I only have a couple more piles to grade before school is over. Thank goodness.

Dinner was another light and healthy affair. John and I were planning on going to Conte’s Pizza in Princeton, which is an old favorite of my family, but when I was leaving for school, I texted him to say I just wasn’t in the mood. I love pizza, but I just didn’t want it today, so we got Sushi instead!

He took me to a new place.

We started with some cold water and green tea. I don’t drink green tea very often, and this type reminded me of my delicious wheat grass. It was so relaxing!

I got Miso soup to start.

Followed by seaweed salad. I know sometimes seaweed salads can have lots of sugar, but I really enjoy them.

I ordered an angel roll and shared half with John. He let me taste his choices, too. The Angel Roll includes eel, tuna, yellowtail and asparagus. Delish!

John and I spent dinner scheming about our next body challenge. Summer is coming and both of us want to take some time to get into even better shape, so he signed up for a program called Velocity through his gym. I am going to join him on a structured Cardio-Lifting-Diet program for the month of June. We’re still getting the information, but I am excited. I may treat myself to some personal training as well. Can’t wait!

I finished up with some mango. I am trying to cut down on nighttime treats but I feel like mango is a fresh, delicious way to end the day!


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