I am sure that my posts to this blog will start to slow down, but for now I’m in my Bloggymoon. I love writing in this space; I love that it keeps me accountable; I love that I am rekindling one of my old passions. I spend all day teaching reading and writing, and I spend a lot of my private time correcting other people’s writing. Naturally when I come home, I don’t want to read or write even though both of these passions led me to become an English teacher!

One of my other passions is running. I discovered this passion in college and ran pretty consistently throughout my four years. After leaving college, my passion for running waxed and waned. I ran a marathon while living in Germany, but when I moved back to the US to work full time, it was harder to squeeze in running. Plus, I felt like running had been part of me in college, but as a new worker, I felt pretty adrift. I didn’t look like a runner, so I had a hard time asserting myself as one. Even though I coached cross country, I had lost my running confidence.

When I started to lose weight in September, I was running pretty consistently with the team and kept up my own workouts until a nasty hamstring pull. I was able to do other workouts, but I couldn’t run for awhile, and I started to feel like I had never been a runner. You know those first few attempts at working out when you’ve been lazing around for awhile… I sputtered and coughed; I struggled and walked. I certainly wasn’t graceful.

At the beginning of May I woke up. With plans to visit my hardcore running friend Ammi over Memorial Day weekend, I needed to get my running legs back, and I decided to do it in a calm way: The “Every Odd Day in May” Plan. By setting a reasonable goal, I have managed to become a runner again. The first few weeks were tough. I was getting back into shape and still on my cleanse, which limited carbs. Now that I’ve had a few weeks to run and have integrated some carbs back into my life, my running is awesome! I may not be able to keep up with Ammi, but I won’t be as pathetic in my attempt.

Normally, I am an early-morning exerciser, but with today’s commute, I was forced to move my run to the afternoon. I don’t normally like afternoon workouts because I am exhausted from the school day. Plus, temperatures hit the 80s today! Ick. However, this run was AWESOME! I felt so strong and powerful–minus some cramping that forced a quick walk on the way back of my out-and-back route.

On my way home getting pumped for the big run and keeping those muscles pumped by hauling my lunch bag, purse, and school bag around with me.

Chugging water–it was a hot day!

My happiness after a powerful run shines through this blurry photo!

Even after a great run, I still feel some body insecurities. My least favorite part of my body is the “pooch.” I know I’m not yet at my Happy Weight, but even when I am, I will probably always have this pooch. That’s just how my body is made, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I am fairly self-conscious about this part of my body. Even when I wake up in the morning and it looks pretty flat, but the end of the day, I feel like it has grown exponentially. This part of my body really reacts to any food intake, and to me it doesn’t seem like other woman deal with the same issue. Does anyone else feel like a part of their body triples in size over the course of the day?

I even gave my stomach a name in college. I called it “Killer” because I thought it was scary and that I should have a “Beware of Stomach” sign the way people with an aggressive dog (who might also be named Killer) would have a “Beware of Dog” sign. Even though I was incredibly fit in college, I never felt that people could discern my fitness level because of my appearance, so I could work my exercise into almost any conversation. “I’m a runner.” “I teach aerobics.” “I love to spin.” I’m sure it was obnoxious, and luckily I don’t feel the need to be quite so overt about my fitness habits anymore (although maybe the existence of this blog disproves that statement)but I still do feel some of those same insecurities. They dissipate when I am eating healthy though!

Dinner was at Panera. It does seem like I eat out a lot, and currently it’s for three reasons:

1-I’m going on vacation in a few days, so I don’t have a lot of food in my house.

2-I am grading after eating, and I like to be in a loud space to stay alert.

3-Would you want to cook in this kitchen? It’s okay when I set aside some time on Sunday, but it’s so drab that I didn’t want to be in there on a beautiful afternoon. I share a kitchen, and it’s pretty small and dark.

My area of the kitchen–notice the cutting board, chia seeds, and wheat grass!

Can you guess which side of the fridge is mine? Hint: it’s probably not the side with the giant sheet cake, bag of bagels and ginormous tub of regular peanut butter. I can’t really keep PB in my house anyway. More on that later… 😦

I went to Panera for dinner. I departed from my winter order of BBQ Chicken salad and soup for something a bit lighter and fresher.

I had a delicious Asian sesame chicken salad.

A 1/2 chicken salad sandwich. Normally I avoid sandwiches with that much mayo, but I was pretty famished after the run, and I wanted a sandwich. This one was only okay. I probably won’t order it again.

This apple became apple slices, which are so much more fun to eat! The apple didn’t really satisfy my craving for something sweet, so if I grade enough papers, I might pop over to Trader Joes afterward for a sweet treat to enjoy during channel flipping between Glee and Biggest Loser.

Have a great night!


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7 Responses to Bloggymoon

  1. Sarita says:

    Hi Heather!!
    I’m so inspired by you and your awesome healthiness!! I don’t know that I’ll make a drastic leap into anything new because I know that I will, like you, just give up after a day or two haha. I’m so happy that you’re happy though, and I hope that whatever your future holds brings you closer to jersey so we can hang out more!! ❤ you!

  2. Francesca says:

    I totally hate the pooch! I love my stomach in the morning, but I definitely notice a huge difference after eating. I just try to ignore what my body looks like while/after I’m eating, otherwise I’ll restrict myself so much all day that eventually I’ll just gorge on an enormous plate of pasta at like 11:00pm. You are definitely not alone in the pooch having/hating area. I also paid a lot of attention to my thighs when I gained weight in the winter. I hated the way they looked whenever I sat down. I’ve found that loathing my body, which is something I used to do a lot as a means to motivate me to exercise, is really counterproductive. I think the only reason I can run 2 miles now when I couldn’t run 4 blocks a couple months ago is because I’ve trained myself (with help from you and Nick) to be proud of what I’m doing or what I can do. So, even yesterday when I had a crappy run and felt like it didn’t help at all, I just snapped out of it and told myself that at least I battled it out and not to look for immediate confirmation for a job well done in a place I know I’ll see failure. Don’t pout over the pooch. Celebrate the great feeling all this healthy living gives you! I love your blog!

    • oh, I’m so glad I have been encouraging to you! You’re doing awesome with your running!! And it’s good to know that you have the same insecurities as I do… We can all just work through them together. Are you feeling better from the healthy eating? (Do you miss the cheese popcorn?) I know I feel about 1,000 times better when I’m eating healthy!

  3. Maryanna says:

    heather – I am so, so, so, so, so, so self conscious about my stomach. I am incredibly aware of it and use it as my weight gauge. If it’s feeling a little puffy, I’m unhappy. If it looks flatter, I feel good about myself. I know that this is stupid – as women, this is a part of the body that naturally changes puffiness throughout the month so there will be days that I feel really bad about myself but are actually just fine. so, i know how you feel. i try to hide it up at all times…avoid bikinis…always wear a belt because i feel like it hides it better…I don’t like being touched there…etc.

    • Maryanna–
      First, you look awesome!
      Secondly, thanks for sharing your insecurities about your stomach. You look so svelte in all of your pics on facebook. It’s interesting that so many women use their stomach as a gauge–I definitely feel better on days my stomach looks flatter, too. I’ll have to look to you for belt tips. I pretty much just let my shirts hang down; maybe defining the waist would be better, but I’m so clueless about how to do that!

  4. Maryanna says:

    also – you look really good!

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