Feel SO good!

I love that it only takes about a day to regain those awesome feelings from eating right. Yes, I didn’t eat in an ideal way on Sunday, but I ate light, clean, fresh choices on Monday and when I woke up today, I already felt better!

I spent the night at John’s, so I had to commute back to school in the morning. The “old” Heather (a few months ago) would have stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee (with lots of sugar!) and an egg white flatbread or occasionally a muffin. While those are fine choices for some people–and even good occasional treats–I didn’t want to destroy how great I was feeling this morning by immediately ingesting some fake foods. Are those egg whites real? They taste a bit spongey… And sadly, after the cleanse, I can’t really “do” coffee anymore. It makes me feel gross.

Instead I stopped at Starbucks. The parking lot was under construction, so I had to weave around a bit to find my way in. I ordered a yummy travel-friendly breakfast of a Grande Decaf Soy Latte and a banana. It probably won’t fill me up until lunch (which luckily at school is at 10:30AM) but it helped me to keep that awesome purified feeling that I woke up with. Ahhh…. Now to work!

Okay, I need to work on my food photography skills, but I’ll get there!


About Heather

I'm a literature-loving adventurer.
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1 Response to Feel SO good!

  1. Francesca says:

    yeah Heather! I love following this (both the blog and your healthy advice). Way to be!

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