Healthy Lunch

I am addicted to this blog! I love writing it, and I’m finding already that it’s helping me to stay healthy! It’s really fun to photograph my meals although I know that I need to work on getting beautiful blogger dishes and a better setting, but I eat lunch in my office in between classes. I tried to find a bookshelf, so you can see the glamorous lifestyle of an English teacher! Thus far, none of my colleagues have asked about my constant picture-taking, but our waitress last night certainly found it amusing. “We have a website,” she said, puzzled.

Here’s lunch!

A delicious side dish of cucumbers and hummus. YUM!!

A yummy veggie burger. Here are the toppings: avocado, tomato paste sprinkled with ground black pepper, hummus, and spinach.

Here is the finished product on a Sandwich thin. Sandwich Thins don’t necessarily follow Michael Pollan’s rules about food (less than 5 ingredients, ingredients your grandmother would recognize), but none of the stores I went to this week had Ezekiel wraps, so sandwich thins will have to do for now. Look at those books in the background! I’m so academic 😉

A bit of a delicious break…and more grading! I leave for Idaho–hiking, running, gossiping!!–in two days!


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I'm a literature-loving adventurer.
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