My First Review

At Starbucks this morning, as I was waiting for my latte, I started perusing the variety of foods they have on display by the cash registers. It’s the same selling tactic that results in buying that three-pack of socks in H&M, and it worked.

I was intrigued by the Gojiberry Granola Bar produced by Two Moms in the Raw and decided to purchase it and review it here. I have enjoyed reading reviews from other bloggers and am certainly intrigued by the free samples that really successful bloggers receive. So neat!

I nibbled on half the bar throughout the course of my morning classes. (I was right that the banana & coffee wouldn’t hold me over.) Then, I pulled out the other half after lunch for dessert and my friend Francesca and I decided to taste test it.

Here is the package. It definitely has one of those “I’m a healthy product” looks.

You can see the healthy ingredients–apple, coconut, sesame seeds and other delicious ingredients that you can find here.

Francesca tastes the treat. Mmmm…. One note about Francesca (and she will admit it herself): she is not into trying new foods. She definitely has her favorite treats, but she has recently committed to a healthy lifestyle. She is boxing, running, and integrating more organic and fresh products into her life. I really admire the way she eats even though it isn’t always the healthiest because I think she really listens to her body. If she’s not hungry, she doesn’t eat something, which is definitely a skill that I am trying to learn. I’m proudly taking a picture as she goes beyond her comfort foods like cheese popcorn and Special K! Go Francesca!

So, instead of grading our students papers, Francesca and I carefully evaluated this bar. We both loved the different textures and tastes. It was interesting and fun to eat a piece of apple followed by that satisfying crunch of sesame seeds and pecans. The cinnamon taste was delicious and a nice balance for the other flavors in the bar. The one negative was a slight strange aftertaste. To me it tasted like soap, and Francesca thought it was kind of strange and sharp. I don’t know if that’s the agave syrup (which I am not used to eating) or another ingredient. I would definitely have this bar again though! It might work better as an “after school snack” because it is pretty dense and caloric, but I find that I am normally pretty hungry during breakfast and lunch. Today isn’t as bad because I’m working out after school… in the heat! I am going to have a nice light snack of berries before that run.


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