Delayed onset running appetite?

Just like we get DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the day after a tough weights workout, I wonder if there is DORA for running. I got up and ran 8 miles this morning to celebrate the last day of school. I certainly had a solid breakfast after my run, but I haven’t really been hungry today. I’ve nibbled on some snacky stuff but not eaten a real meal. It could also be due to the extreme high temperatures in school. I’m so glad the east coast didn’t get hot until this week; we would have been miserable in May!

guzzling the water after this morning’s run. The eyebrows look good, huh?

I am so proud of my fun run this morning. I didn’t push myself for speed; I just wanted to enjoy the distance and solitude in the morning. I run without my glasses, so it can be kind of exciting. Every stick turns into a rattlesnake and every bush turns into a wild dog.

Just your basic Green Monster with a strawberry peeking out for good measure.

Adding the toppings! Not quite like an ice cream sundae, but I do love my Chia seeds and wheat grass.

The thought of this GloBar got me through the workout. I love them, and I especially love that they are made by a woman who is about my age who had a dream and started her own business. So inspiring!

and some nuts to munch on in the library. I enjoyed some of these last night as a “treat” too.

One of my coworkers made these sweet potatoe brownies for her class. They read Things Fall Apart and apparently the sweet potato is a major aspect of the novel. (I’ve never read it.) I wanted to try her creation, but I just wanted a taste–it was good and sweet. All of my classes had little parties today as we reviewed. I manage to successfully avoid most of the garbage (not a judgment here, I just know how I feel after eating that stuff) but I did taste some chips and homemade salsa and a toffee that one of my girls brought in because she had written about it in an essay earlier in the year. Pretty good stuff! Storebought cupcakes and cookies-not worth it.

a light lunch of some cukes and hummus. Maybe all the snacking and the big breakfast just did me in…

After all my classes, I enjoyed some Nan and spreads that one of my colleagues brought in.

and berries for dessert.

But really, I’m not hungry, so it’s time to stop. I must have filled myself up with that amazing Green Monster. Often, I get these urges to eat even when I don’t have real hunger, so my goal for this afternoon is to not eat again until my body is actually asking for it. That might seem like a ridiculous goal to many people, but for me it’s important. I am kind of hoping that hunger will strike in the airport so I can get a Decaf Soy Latte…

The trip is going to be fun! It’s a train and two planes to visit Ammi, but I am so pumped to see her! Catch ya on the west coast!


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1 Response to DORA?

  1. Maryanna says:

    I can’t believe you haven’t read Things Fall Apart. It’s one of my favorite books…I should probably re-read it actually. It’s been awhile.

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