What Happens in Idaho…

Obviously, I’ve been away from my blog for awhile. Part of that was travel, part of that was hectic life stuff, and part of that was saying “eh, I can eat crap, I’ll write in my blog tomorrow…” like people who say “I’ll start my diet on Monday.” So, it’s finally “tomorrow” and time to wrap up my Idaho adventure…

A lovely breakfast of spaghetti squash!

Time to hike!

The littlest hiker--her mom is tough!!

Off we go!

A view from the top! Hey Sandpoint!

A little Larabar after our 3.5 miles up!

We did it!

<<our festivities that night are really staying in Idaho>>

then, the suuuuperlong trip home!

The rainy drive to the Spokane airport.

Chillin' in the Seattle airport.

Bathrooms are also Tornado Shelters in the Denver Airport.

Missed my train in Baltimore & got a quick sleep here...

Complimentary breakfast!



Finally back in Wilmington! 6:45AMAnother coffee to make it through the day! (time to detox...)

So, after all those hours of traveling and the last couple days of school, I let my healthy eating slide–but it’s time to get back on track!

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